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Our Aviation Group:
Our Aviation Group, lead by the Aviation Group's founder and President, Dayton Lehman Jr., provides legal and management consulting services to clients either engaged in, or seeking to be engaged in, the aviation industry.  Our aviation group provides novel solutions in the areas of regulatory compliance, enforcement, consumer protection, disability, management fitness, and economic licensing.

Aviation Group Consulting Services:
CBS Aviation Group professionals are experts in the U.S. Department of Transportation's (DOT) aviation economic requirements, including those involving consumer protection, civil rights, public charter operations, air charter broker activities, and unauthorized operations issues involving U.S. and foreign carriers, and in providing the legal review for the licensing of new airlines in the U.S.  The CBS Aviation Group professionals also have extensive knowledge of, and experience with Part 135 commercial and Part 91 private aviation.

CBS Aviation Group can perform the following services for you:

The sample list of services below is not all-inclusive.  Please contact us to find out what services we can offer you to achieve your objectives and assist you in your pursuit of excellence:

* Represent persons and companies in DOT Compliance investigations and enforcement proceedings.

* Assist persons and companies to prepare for DOT Compliance investigations and audits.

* Advise clients with DOT licensing issues.

* Assist persons and companies seeking to establish proper operations as a public charter operator, air charter broker, or similar entity.

* Work with clients to ensure their operations comply with DOT's complex consumer protection rules.

* Work with clients to ensure their operations comply with DOT's comprehensive disability regulations.

* Ensure client's advertisements meet DOT's stringent deceptive practice regulatory requirements.

* Advise clients on matters involving unfair methods of competition.

* Assist clients to respond to proposed DOT rulemakings.

* Assist persons and companies on requests for information that involve the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

* Provide training for clients' staff and senior management on matters involving DOT's economic regulatory requirements and its enforcement policies and procedures.

Please contact Dayton Lehman Jr. via email: dlehman@capitolbizsolutions.com or voice: 703-973-0056 to inquire about Aviation Group services.  Dayton is licensed in D.C and Virginia.